How are you feeling about your studio?

Do you spend a lot of time and energy managing your business and your students? Do you end the day wishing you had time to work on your own development, work ON your business, develop your skills and have more freedom?

What if you knew how to be more efficient?

What if you could master key conversations about enrolling, about policies, about learning and your expectations, and deliver them effectively every time? What if you knew how to market your program and could grow your studio anytime you wanted to? What if you could efficiently organize your time and your studio communications? If you're a Simply Music Piano teacher, imagine having command over incorporating the various streams in the method.

If you had strategies and systems in place for running your studio and classes, you'd know that every student was getting consistent information. Your communication would help you develop relationships with students and they'd trust you, feel valued by you, be coachable in their classes and get amazing results. You’d be purposeful and deliberate in the way you deliver instruction. You’d have an executable plan for growing your business and getting perfect students. As a result, your studio would grow, your students would get the results they want, and you would have a well-run, profitable and enjoyable business.

Why is this challenging?

Life has a way of distracting us and keeping us busy...and studio owners often mention feeling isolated in their work. True accountability and camaraderie with like-minded studio owners and teachers can be hard to find and even harder to maintain.  Having a committed community to count on to hold you accountable, help you with your questions, specific situations and your concerns is important and is a vital part of being confident and running a successful, joyful studio.  

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Music Teacher's Coach has Answers for You!

We’re here to provide relevant and timely information, partnership, camaraderie and accountability in the spirit of collaboration to help you to achieve your professional and personal goals in a highly supportive community of like-minded music teachers.  Our Workshops and Mastermind programs address common areas of interest for music, dance, fitness, gymnastics and Martial Arts studio owners.   Please visit our Workshop and Mastermind Pages to see what we offer!

If you’re a Simply Music Piano teacher, we have webinars, workshops and masterminds designed specifically for you. Simply Music Piano is a broad, purposeful curriculum and the training itself is very comprehensive. Because of the depth and breadth of the program, it is easy to be “whelmed” and not know exactly how to integrate all of the "streams"  or how to manage the momentum you create. You may find that:

When difficult conversations come up, you don’t know what to say or are afraid of saying it

The curriculum is so vast and comprehensive, you wonder if you’re on track or missing anything

There is so much to learn--developing mastery over the components and incorporating the various streams seems daunting

You know you should have systems in place to allow you to manage your time and your students but you aren’t sure of what those look like or exactly how to implement them

You’ve heard about the goal of running a requirement-based studio but it seems out of reach right now

You have very little experience in marketing and don’t know how to grow a studio that supports you the way you want or need

Music Teacher's Coach will help you

Understand and deliver the key conversations

Have a clear picture of how the curriculum unfolds & give you direction

Develop mastery over the components and incorporate the various streams

Put systems in place to empower you to manage your time and your students

Understand how to create a requirement-based studio that is a joy to run (because you get to teach, not manage students)

Develop and implement marketing strategies that will allow you to grow a studio that supports you to the degree you desire

You'll be delighted by the results!

Commit to transforming your teaching & your studio and you'll be elated with the results.  You’ll  get the perfect students you want, develop long term relationships with them and watch them blossom as musicians.  You’ll charge what you want, get paid on time, and have financial freedom.  Because of getting organized, you’ll have peace of mind, knowing you’re not missing a thing!  You'll feel accomplished as a teacher, effective as a business person, and relaxed and confident because you have a studio that is enjoyable, efficient and profitable. 

Music Teacher's Coach is committed to helping ALL STUDIO OWNERS--music, dance, fitness, gymnastics and Martial Arts.  

Introducing Robin Keehn

I have been an early childhood music educator and piano teacher since 1995. I've been teaching Simply Music Piano since 2003 and, as the Director of Development and Teacher Training for Simply Music, coaching Simply Music and other music studio owners since 2008. I've worked with hundreds of studio owners and teachers on developing requirement based studios, coaching parents, speaking truthfully to students, mastering the curriculum (specific to Simply Music), personal development, studio & personal organization, and effective marketing for studio growth.

I opened my own Simply Music studio in 2003 with 40 students and generated more than $50,000 annually working only two afternoons a week. In 2007 I opened a music, dance and fitness academy with my friend and business partner, Carry Madison, which has served over 4,000 students and employed more than 60 people since 2007.

I recently sold my studio so I can commit myself to supporting studio owners through Music Teacher's Coach, continue in my role as the Director or Development and Teacher Training at Simply Music and teach some wonderful piano students!
I am passionate about and 100% committed to serving and supporting music teachers who want to develop personally and professionally and are in action to make it happen!

You can find the rest of my story here....

What teachers say about Robin

I have experienced an absolute breakthrough in my playing and teaching as a result of Robin's composition and improvisation workshop. Before working with her, I felt anxious and intimidated each time I would try to compose a song or improvise on the piano. Thanks to the depth and quality of her experience as a teacher and coach, I now think of comp and improv as puzzles and adventures waiting to be put together and explored anew each time I sit down to play. Best of all, I have a new command over the language and skills needed to effectively teach composition and improvisation to my students... and it's made playing more meaningful and joyful for all of us! -

Rebecca Gale, Simply Music Teacher, Colorado


Robin Keehn is an amazing teacher. When I came to her, I was new to teaching Simply Music and fearful of doing it wrong. I was having no problems learning and teaching the Foundations, but the composition, improvisation and taking my students into Reading Rhythm and Reading Notes made me very nervous. Through our sessions, Robin addressed each area of my concern by approaching each lesson with me as student and her as teacher. Thereby, not just telling me what to do with my students, but allowing me to experience what it felt and sounded like on the other side of the bench. She offered a wonderful balance of addressing my hesitations and assigning projects that I felt were out of my reach. Through it all, she coached, encouraged, and allowed me to make mistakes and discover solutions on my own with her guidance. Through our short term of lessons, I learned everything I initially asked, and more. I discovered that I am very much more capable and creative than I thought. I have continued the skills learned with Robin through composing some new arrangements of pieces, joining a rock band and playing from lead sheets, and confidently instructing my students into the broader world of music than just the Foundation Levels. Robin is a master teacher with a supportive and encouraging personality and energy that feeds her student’s confidence and skills.

Christa Sigman
, Simply Music Teacher, New York


"I had the opportunity to have a few lessons with Robin to get me started with Composition and Improvisation when I first became a SM teacher.  I felt inadequate in this area as it was not part of my traditional training at all.  Robin was GREAT!  In my mind I had built up composition to be something big and mysterious and unattainable, and she was able to break it down for me into manageable projects. I felt empowered by her lessons to not only sit down and compose myself, but to give direction and encouragement to my students as well.  She always affirmed where I was at and gently nudged me to the next level.  Another area that she helped me with was how to work with some traditional students who had transferred over to SM;  they were already able to read, and I wasn't sure how to answer their questions about how SM addressed the reading process.  She was able to give me some ideas on how to talk to them about reading, even looking at some written music to find patterns, shapes and sentences, all the while still moving forward through the playing based materials of the early levels. Robin is a warm and engaging person, and a great communicator.  She has a wonderful way with people, so welcoming and comfortable - and at the same time able to make them "comfortably uncomfortable" in the areas where growth is needed!  I would recommend her to anyone looking to grow musically, interpersonally and at their skills in managing a studio."

Kristin Izenbart, Simply Music Teacher, Illinois


Robin has been coaching me for a year and a half.  I began teaching Simply Music in October of 2013.  As a new Simply Music teacher I had (and continue to have) many questions about teaching the program as well as issues with students and parents.   Robin has been such a source of support and encouragement to me during this time.  She shares openly from her own experiences as a teacher.  She is empathetic and non-judgmental as she listens and offers suggestions.  Her affirmation has helped to build my confidence as I grow in my teaching ability and in my ability to deal with the relationship issues that arise.  Each time I have a coaching session with Robin I come away with clarity and some specific actions to take.   Robin also follows-up on our calls to enquire as to how things are going. Robin has taken a personal interest in how I am doing and keeps in touch with me regularly.  This coaching relationship has made a huge difference for me as a new teacher of Simply Music.  I am excited about her new endeavors and will continue to access her services.    Sandra Darjes, Simply Music Teacher, Canada

I had the chance to take a Comp & Improv workshop with Robin, and it opened up a new world for me and my students. I come from a traditional background, so I have always felt a bit intimidated and overwhelmed by the composition and improvisation streams. Robin helped me see how easy and accessible and fun it could be for me and my students. She gave me lots of practical tips, tricks and assignments. She helped me transform something daunting into something do-able. Since the workshop, my students and I have all made such huge strides, and I am thankful to Robin for her encouragement and inspiration.
Tanya Mills, Simply Music Teacher, California


I enjoyed working with Robin and felt I got good value. I began seeking ideas on the minituae of handling big groups and found myself learning about Facebook advertising, general advertising, tailoring information in Free Introductory Sessions plus reviewing  the  steps in early new customer contact.These areas and much more we touched on in four sessions. I loved her keen listening to address my own needs and as described above her capacity for flexible coaching.

Unmani, Simply Music Teacher, Australia


I have worked with Robin numerous times as a coach in the past couple years.  She is an excellent listener and has provided good suggestions based on her own experience and years of teaching.  I recommend her as a good resource if you are needing some guidance with teaching or running your business.

Shari Griswold, Simply Music Teacher, Colorado


About five years ago I set out to become a piano teacher having never played the piano before.
I had dabbled with the guitar for 20 or years or more but other than that I had no professional training or understanding of the language of music.

Within six months of working with Robin and the simply music program I became a certified teacher and began to teach others what I had been taught.

What Robin's coaching and leadership taught me was that, I COULD teach others.
In other words, she taught me how to teach and how to be a leader and most importantly, how to give that back to the world.
The gifts that have come from this coaching experience have been countless.
Doors have opened that I would have never imagined,
one of them being...I founded and am the leader of a band that has now played professionally in Reno Nv. for over four years.
This was one of my lifelong dreams from childhood that I had forgotten about. But when I stepped into what was to be my destiny and allowed divine wisdom to guide me, it just automatically happened. And there I found myself on a stage, singing and playing to hundreds of people. WOW!

This never would have happened without Neil Moore's Simply Music program and his director Robin Keehn who, metaphorically speaking took me under her wing and showed me how to fly.
Thank you Robin, thank you, thank you.

Page Stegner,  Simply Music Teacher, Reno, Nevada


I worked with Robin for about two years during a critical time for me: my first year as a Simply Music teacher, followed by the year I opened my music school.  Some of the teachers we hired included newly-licensed Simply Music teachers, but I had no idea how to mentor them!  She was an invaluable resource for me with her expertise both in teaching Simply Music and mentoring other teachers, combined with her business knowledge that she had accumulated in running a very successful music & dance school herself.  Robin always took the time to listen carefully to all of my questions and concerns, and then she would provide helpful ideas, insights, and anecdotes that would help me think outside the box.  Her warmth and caring always shone through in our sessions, and she was always able to talk me off the ledge when I was feeling stressed or overwhelmed!  After each coaching session I felt a sense of relief and a renewed sense of purpose, along with a vision of exactly how I was going to implement the next steps. I highly recommend Robin to anyone looking to further their teaching, mentoring, and/or business skills.

Tracy Carlucci
Owner, Fairfield School of Music, Connecticut


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