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Personal Coaching from a Leader in Music Education:
VIP Days and Coaching Sessions

When was the last time you made an investment in your studio that really paid off?

What if you could spend a day developing a plan that would give you the time you want, the revenue you desire and a studio that really works for you? You can.

During your VIP Day, I’ll help you focus on what is essential to having exactly what you want. In the hours we have together we’ll develop a plan that meets you right where you are and takes you forward with real, achievable action steps.

In our initial 45 minute strategy session, we’ll go through the following list and determine how best to spend our day together. During our VIP day, we’ll dig deep and develop an implementable plan that will meet your specific goals.

The following is a list of where many studio owners choose to focus. Pick just a few and go deep, or pick more for a comprehensive plan.

Not ready for a comprehensive VIP Day?  No problem. 

Digging in deep and getting regular support that makes sense for you is my top priority.

Use the list below to determine where you need to focus, or bring your own concerns to our calls together. I'm looking forward to get you where you want to go!

The following is a list of where many studio owners choose to focus. Pick just a few and go deep, or pick more for a comprehensive plan.

1. Goal Setting

Imagine if you had a mission and purpose for your studio. Imagine if your goals were crystal clear and you could refer to them each time you made a decision--large or small and no decision was made that took you off course--the course that YOU determined! Together we can uncover your mission, purpose, your core values and develop immediate, short and long-term goals that put you on track for whatever it is you want to achieve!
“If you set goals and go after them with all the determination you can muster, your gifts will take you places that will amaze you.” Les Brown

2. Marketing Strategies

Marketing is what attracts clients and gets them excited about your studio. If you have a "client attraction plan" strategy in place, you can fill that "leaky bucket" and keep your studio alive and full of the people you want to serve. We'll look at your goals and put together a marketing plan and develop ads and landing pages so your marketing is a powerful engine that is always working for you. Best part, I can teach you how to do it or do it for you*!

3. Retention

Don't you hate the leaky bucket? You work hard to attract students and it's painful when they quit prematurely--before they've achieved their personal goals. Sometimes, it even affects your ability to continue to offer certain classes. Losing students is the worst but I can help you see the warning signs and put strategies and activities into place that will keep students and families coming back month after month. They'll see your studio as a warm, friendly, welcoming place where they are very important and can't imagine life without you! Together, we'll figure out what needs to be strengthened in terms of relationships, conversations and activities that all lead to students who stay.

4. Hiring

Who do you have in place in your studio? Who should stay? Who needs to go? How do you get the right people in the right seats? Let’s have a look at your hiring and firing practices and get a team that you love!

5. Team Building

Do you have a highly effective team? Is your team engaged? Is everyone pulling in the same direction? Are they aligned with the goals you have for your studio? Are they proactive in helping you retain students? Do you delegate with ease? Do you know how to empower your employees? Imagine if your employees were as excited and committed to your studio as you are? Let's get them on board so you can enjoy growing great employees in an environment that feels a lot like home.

6. Communication

How is your communication with your staff and with your customers? Are you timely and accurate with your communications? Is anyone ever confused or given short notice or no notice? Communicating with staff and with families is critical to the success of your business. Not enough clear communication or random communication is detrimental to your student retention and the satisfaction of your team. Let’s get you organized! I’ll provide you with some really powerful options for communication automation!

7. Time Efficiency

Do you have any free time? How do you spend your time? Do you plan time off only to deal with emergencies and last minute emails or phone calls? Are you making the most of the hours you work or are you scattered and distracted? Let’s find out how you’re spending your time and come up with a plan to consolidate your efforts, be more effective and get some time away from your studio.

8. Combining Music & Dance and Other Offerings

Does your studio sit empty part of the day? Imagine if your space was utilized even 50% more than it currently is. Imagine offering music or dance or fitness or drama or an arts-based preschool….Let me show you what’s possible and how to do it.

9. Running Special Events

Special events are win-win opportunities for you and for the families you serve. We’ll talk about money making recitals, overnight events, master classes, birthday parties and more and see how they can help you grow your studio and add to your bottom line.

10. Studio Policies and Tuition

Do you have the studio you really want? Do you charge what you want? Do you get vacations when you want them? Do you bend over backwards for people to schedule make-up lessons? Let me teach you strategies for designing and implementing studio policies that work for YOU! Learn how to implement new policies in the middle of the year (if you want to) and how to get a firmer commitment from parents on enrollment and specific policies.

11. Website Optimization

How well is your website working for you? Do your marketing efforts get people to your site? Do they know what to do when they get there? Is it organized and does it give people easy access to exactly what they're looking for? Your website is often the first thing that people see when they find you. Let’s make sure it gives people what they are looking, answers their questions and moves them from a “let’s check it out” to “I’m in!”

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