What is a mastermind?

Imagine being part of a small group of people who are all committed to consciously improving their lives and realizing their dreams...

Each bring unique perspectives, resources, skills, and contacts to the group. Most importantly, each is committed to actively working towards their own goals—and supporting the other members in achieving theirs. It’s a true win-win opportunity.

Napoleon Hill coined the concept of the mastermind alliance in his classic book, Think and Grow Rich. He believed that a group of like-minded, achievement-oriented individuals could dramatically leverage each other's success. Of course people have collaborated for mutual benefit since the beginning of time. The process of creating a Peer Mastermind Group provides a focus and structure for applying that support on an ongoing basis.

A mastermind group is only as effective
as the strength of these 3 elements:
The Structure: Without a strong structure Mastermind groups tend to devolve into social gatherings or simply fade away. The structure ensures equal contribution and participation as well as maximum efficiency and effectiveness. 

The Commitment: The group must take priority in your life or you may as well not bother. Make this a priority and your life can literally transform. It is easy to let this, like other commitments in our life slide
—with the same undesirable consequences: reduced trust in self and others, fewer results and progress on goals that are important to you, far less proactive-support for your dreams.

The People: The synergy created between like-minded people who are committed to growing and developing for themselves and others can be a catalyst that takes each person to a new level of understanding and achievement. Different perspectives can also ensure that people are seeing all sides of the equation.

Ask yourself...
...“What if there were eight other people, that as they moved forward in their lives, in their teaching, were also thinking about me and how they could support me, how they could include me, how they could create for me.  What if I was doing the same for the nine other people in my group….what might that mean to my life? This is a level of support that most people don’t ever get to experience in their entire lives!

Based on your application, you will be matched with the best group possible.  When we say match, that doesn’t mean that you will be with people who are the same as you.  We mean that we will match you to

an effective and powerful group that you can contribute to, and receive support from. The group members have all signed up for the same period of time and are looking to give and receive similar types of support.  All meetings are two hours and are recorded.  We meet online and meetings are facilitated.  All members are required to attend all meetings and fully participate. 
Mastermind Beginning August 2017

Transform Your Studio:  Making the Move to Extraordinary

This Mastermind Group will support you, right where you are, with your personal and professional goals.  We will focus on and dig deep into two key areas over the course of the year including:

Becoming a Requirement Based Teacher (see notes below for a description)*

Developing the Discipline of Habit (see notes below for a description)*

The small group mastermind format allows you to be supported in the way that you desire.  We will capitalize on your strengths and coach and support you in developing ways of dealing with areas of stress, procrastination, concerns, and questions related to who you are being in your studio and in your teaching.  This facilitated format will give you teaching & wisdom along with challenge and accountability in a group of your peers with similar growth-oriented goals.  

Meets monthly for three hours for 12 months. 


*Becoming a Requirement Based Teacher--Learn what it takes to require and not request students to follow your instructions.  Stop students and/or parents from taking control and running the show through instruction, discussion and practice, inside and outside of your classroom.  Determine exactly where you are firm on requirements and where you are not and how to manage that on a practical level with students. Develop and implement studio policies that support you and your goals.

*Developing the Discipline of Habit--Develop the discipline to implement and maintain a powerful marketing strategy, time management techniques, Playlist management in the classroom, consistent teaching preparation, personal and studio organization, and development your own musicianship. Personal accountability, instruction & discussion will make this happen!

This Mastermind will also have a segment on Marketing & Student Retention.

Your Mastermind Leader & Facilitator--Robin Keehn

I've been teaching music since 1995 with a focus on early childhood music education and group and private piano lessons. I've had an in-home studio, taught in churches and recreation centers, had a small commercial space and opened and operated a successful, large multi-discipline expressive arts studio. I've trained and coached hundreds of music teachers--both early childhood music educators and instrument teachers since 2009. I'll be bringing my experiences--everything I've learned over the decades, and sharing my wisdom and expertise with you. You'll have my undivided attention, my full support and my 100% commitment to your growth and success. I hope you'll join me for a great year of learning and growing in a dynamic, energetic, supportive, positive and enjoyable Mastermind group. --Robin


What Teacher's Say about the MTC Masterminds

“The MTC Mastermind is transforming our studio. After just the first 3 sessions, we and the other teachers in our group are helping each other identify weaknesses, strengths, and better ways of thinking.  Our students are getting closer to making music a companion for a lifetime and we’re having more fun making that happen. Robin moderates our sessions with a blend of compassion, incisiveness, and directness that brings out the best in all of us and is a pleasure to work with. The shortest distance between where you are and where you want your studio to be runs through Robin Keehn and Mastermind.”

Evan and John Hunter, Owners, Keys of Joy! Studio  Kansas


"Last year I heard about the Mastermind teacher coaching that Robin Keehn was about to begin.  One of my private life goals is to be the absolute best I can be at this craft we call teaching piano. At the time I also had a lot of financial and life commitments about to be realised, so I was unsure whether to jump or not. I had been privately coached by Robin earlier in the year and knew the information would be dense and rich.
I’m so glad I did jump. Having been involved for two months now I find the group is growing more and more close and supportive, the private coaching is ongoing and fantastic, the webinars on different topics I listen to keenly (pun intended I think). One of my personal fears to be honest was being bored while waiting for others –there’s none of that. It’s vibrant and always engaging and thought provoking.
It’s wonderful to tell my students as I do often now –‘I’m doing this coaching about being a better teacher and I learnt a new way to do X and I’d like to show you.
I would recommend her work to any teacher ready to jump to the next level."

Unmani Advanced Simply Music Teacher, Australia

How to Move Forward

Apply now!  

Remember, the greater the sacrifice of time and/or money, the greater the commitment and better the outcome.  Your application will be reviewed and If we think you’re a great candidate for working with us and other teachers privately in this high level mastermind,  we will schedule a call with you!  Mastermind groups have a required additional 3 hour meeting prior to the start of the monthly meetings.  Monthly meetings will start late August, 2017.  Space is limited to ten participants so avoid disappointment and apply today!

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