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Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. --Benjamin Franklin

Music Teacher’s Coach™ offers workshops, both online and in person. Workshops are designed to involve you in a hands-on learning experience. Workshops are for teachers of the Simply Music Piano method and for other music teachers as well.

Workshops are offered throughout the year are offered in online and occasionally in person. Workshops require a commitment. They are offered in small groups and provide accountability, camaraderie and collaboration. When you sign up for a workshop, you agree to attend every session, participate fully and complete all assignments in order to accomplish your goals. You'll also be invited to a Facebook group for teachers in MTC workshops for additional support.

Improvisation & Composition--A Beautiful Journey



Commit to becoming an improvisational player. Your commitment forms the foundation for giving the gift of improvisational freedom to your students. From improvisation, composition is developed. Instruction, along with regular projects, specific yet gentle direction and accountability will provide an environment where your confidence and musicality will blossom.
Available Anytime....includes Four-50 minute streaming lessons, notes & a call with Robin
What Teachers Say about the Improv Workshop:

I have experienced an absolute breakthrough in my playing and teaching as a result of Robin's composition and improvisation workshop. Before working with her, I felt anxious and intimidated each time I would try to compose a song or improvise on the piano. Thanks to the depth and quality of her experience as a teacher and coach, I now think of comp and improv as puzzles and adventures waiting to be put together and explored anew each time I sit down to play. Best of all, I have a new command over the language and skills needed to effectively teach composition and improvisation to my students... and it's made playing more meaningful and joyful for all of us! - 

Rebecca Gale, Simply Music Teacher, Colorado


I had the chance to take a Comp & Improv workshop with Robin, and it opened up a new world for me and my students. I come from a traditional background, so I have always felt a bit intimidated and overwhelmed by the composition and improvisation streams. Robin helped me see how easy and accessible and fun it could be for me and my students. She gave me lots of practical tips, tricks and assignments. She helped me transform something daunting into something do-able. Since the workshop, my students and I have all made such huge strides, and I am thankful to Robin for her encouragement and inspiration.  

Tanya Mills, Simply Music Teacher, California

The Simply Music Jazz & Accompaniment 2 Programs


Learn the Simply Music Jazz Program and the Accompaniment 2 Program. Develop your skills in reading, reading lead sheets, dropping in and improvising through immersion in the Jazz Program. In Accompaniment 2, discover more complex rhythm tracks and explore scale on a new level. Regular projects in improvisation and composition in every key signature will build your confidence and ability to deliver these two programs powerfully in your studio.

Becoming a Generative Teacher: The Simply Music Reading Program, Time for More Music and Beyond

Experience & understand the journey and discipline required to become a generative musician. Get practical experience that will prepare you to develop fearless musicians (and become fearless yourself!).
Robin is an amazing teacher. When I came to her, I was new to teaching Simply Music and fearful of doing it wrong. I was having no problems learning and teaching the Foundations, but the composition, improvisation and taking my students into Reading Rhythm and Reading Notes made me very nervous. Through our sessions, Robin addressed each area of my concern by approaching each lesson with me as student and her as teacher. Thereby, not just telling me what to do with my students, but allowing me to experience what it felt and sounded like on the other side of the bench. She offered a wonderful balance of addressing my hesitations and assigning projects that I felt were out of my reach. Through it all, she coached, encouraged, and allowed me to make mistakes and discover solutions on my own with her guidance. Through our short term of lessons, I learned everything I initially asked, and more. I discovered that I am very much more capable and creative than I thought. I have continued the skills learned with Robin through composing some new arrangements of pieces, joining a rock band and playing from lead sheets, and confidently instructing my students into the broader world of music than just the Foundation Levels. Robin is a master teacher with a supportive and encouraging personality and energy that feeds her student’s confidence and skills. 

Christa Sigman

Simply Music Teacher, New York

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